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Orthopedic Surgeries

Dr. Holly Pollard-Wright, DVM, CCRP

Dr. Pollard-Wright graduated from the Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1999. A special interest in surgery led her to complete training in hybrid external skeletal fixation, small animal fracture repair and avian fracture repair. She was TPLO certified in May, 2004.

For over 10 years she has successfully performed soft tissue and orthopedic surgeries including, but not limited to, TPLO, cruciate repairs, extracapsular cruciate ligament repairs, luxating patella surgeries, and fracture repairs on both small animal and exotic patients using plating and external fixators.

Dr. Pollard-Wright is known for her dedication and commitment to making sure owners are educated and satisfied with their choices.

With the cost of the consultation fee applied to your surgery, Dr. Pollard is available for surgical and lameness consultations at Companion Animal Hospital.

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Dr. Holly Pollard-Wright is a veterinarian with years of experience performing orthopedic surgeries. She has received training in canine rehabilitation from the University of Tennessee.


We were devastated by the news that our 2 1/2 year old lab had torn her ACL knee ligament. She is a very active lab who loves to jump and run and swim. Our regular vet quoted a surgical repair price that was more expensive then we were comfortable with. After a little research, we made contact with Dr. Pollard-Wright at the Companion Animal Hospital in New Berlin. Dr. Pollard met with us and explained the differences and choices available for Charlie's knee repair. Not only was her surgical procedure more advanced( TPLO ), it also had less of a chance of re-injury in the long run. It was also less expensive then the original quote we got for a procedure that apparently has a higher rate of re-injury (Extracapsular Repair, Fishing line method). Dr. Pollard showed great care, compassion, and skill with the TPLO surgery, after surgery care and rehab. I won't lie, it's a lot of work to bring your dog back to where it's happy and pain free, but after only 12 weeks, we are so happy we chose Dr. Pollard and her staff. Thank You.
Gary and Cindy Wollemann and Family
Dr. Pollard, We were pleased with the service you provided for our 80 pound hound dog Carmela. You reconstructed her 2nd knee in June of 2015.You were able to do the surgery soon after the injury. As with the first knee surgery, you provided detailed information about the procedure and recovery that we could expect. You were available for any questions we had during the endeavor and made many calls to us on follow-up of her recovery. She also had physical therapy to get her back to good health . And again, she was infection free from your good care. We would definitely recommend your service.
Thank you, Susan and Gary Leo
We had many questions about best course of action for our 7 year old Yellow lab Bailey after it was determined that she tore her acl. During our first meeting with you Holly we felt that you not only answered our questions but really had the same goal for Bailey as we did. Returning her to pre injury form and give her the best chance at a quality life. After a successful tplo surgery we greatly appreciated your knowledge & care in the hours, days & many weeks of Bailey's recovery and rehab. Fast forward some 12 weeks from surgery & we have our Bailey back!! Thank you for stressing patience with rehab as she wanted to do more than she was ready for. We have followed your scheduled exercises as best we could and today we can happily pass along that she has her ball time with no restrictions besides limiting her time running. She's up to 10 minutes!! Also we dropped her meds down to 1 per day. Starting tomorrow she will get 1 pill every other day for 1 week. After that only as needed. Thank you for all you have done with Bailey. She is rapidly becoming more energetic and all around happy!!!!! She's playing with missy again and carrying on like she owns the place! What a transformation!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!! We will send a video of her ball time if you would like. We now have to work harder on her weight.
Christina and Perry Cristan
When my vet told me that my dog Sasha needed TPLO surgery on her right leg I was worried about finding a Doctor that I could trust. After searching multiple facilities I grew frustrated with the costs associated with the surgery as well as the lack of Physical therapy options for Sasha post-surgery. To be quite honest it seemed like the cost of the surgery was more important than Sasha’s care to a lot of the people I spoke to. Then I found Dr. Holly Pollard-Wright. Dr. Pollard is AMAZING. She took the time to examine Sasha before quoting anything. She informed me of what my options were and AFTER evaluating Sasha Dr. Pollard gave me a straight answer on the cost of the TPLO surgery. Dr. Pollards quote was well below the other Vet’s but the best part was that after the surgery Dr. Pollard conducted Sasha’s Physical Therapy which was included. That type of hands on care is rarely seen and Sasha’s recovery is testament to Dr. Pollards skill as a Vet. No matter what my concerns are Dr. Holly Pollard-Wright takes the time to answer any question I have, she is always available if I call her with a concern, she even e-mails me PT instructional videos so I know exactly what to do for Sasha. But most important of all is that she has taken tremendous care of Sasha and has gone out of her way to make sure Sasha’s recovery is as fast and painless as possible. I can't say Thank You enough for all that you have done.
Thank you Dr. Pollard!! Daniel Skaufle
Minnie had Femoral Head Ostectomy in November. I was skeptical the surgery and rehab would go as well as Dr. Pollard-Wright had claimed, it just seems like too invasive of a surgery to work as well as it does. I'm glad to say I was very wrong. Other than some initial treadmill distrust, the rehab and the home training plans have worked wonders for Minnie. Dr. Pollard-Wright was extensive with explanations for the importance of each rehab exercise, and thoroughly answered any my questions at all times of the day. It's been one month since her surgery and she is already moving around easier and with less pain than before the surgery. She's running without a problem and is enjoying all the extra peanut butter she has been getting. Her playful energy has already returned, much to the dismay of our other dog and two cats.
Thank you, Dan, Jennee and Minnie Schansberg
There are not words strong enough to describe how we feel about Dr. Holly Pollard and the amazing things she has done for our Family. Her professionalism, the level of patient care she insists on, and skill as a surgeon are the reason we still have Kula 10 years after her first TPLO surgery. For an Akita to make it to 14 is impressive but for her to still be healthy, happy and able to go for walks after needing to have surgery on both legs is something for which we are thankful beyond words.
TJ and Pam Lofgren, Waterford, WI
I would absolutely recommend going to Dr. Pollard. She has performed both of my dog Maverick’s TPLO surgeries and he's doing great! Dr. Pollard loves animals, she makes herself available on demand and I can contact her with any questions. Her patients are paramount to her.
Chris Aeschliman, WI
Dr. Pollard was recommended to us by our very trusted primary care veterinarian. We have a St Bernard that had a previous TPLO procedure on his opposite leg the year prior. Dr Pollard not only performed the surgery masterfully, but also in the subsequent weeks personally did laser therapy and physical rehab. We have highly recommended Dr Pollard to friends and family. Our furry family member is thriving!
Patrick and Karolina Burns
We approached Dr Holly and her team because our 2 year old hound/lab Shelby had been limping on her right hind leg. Dr Holly easily diagnosed that Shelby had torn her crucial ligament and needed TPLO surgery. Shelby is a rescue and very afraid and anxious of new people and experiences. Dr Holly and her team were very patient with our situation and tailored the program to help us allow Shelby to recover quickly! What we appreciated most was Dr Holly’s responsiveness to our questions and phone calls and the time she took to really explain what was happening at every step of the process of surgery and rehab. I would highly recommend Dr Holly and her team for your pet’s orthopedic needs!
Kassandra Koenigs